Sunday, 19 August 2018

Coatesville Solar Initiative | Why Solar?

The Benefits of Solar Farming

Lifetime Production The amount of electricity this solar farm will generate over the existence of the system.

Volume of Oil Offset by Solar Energy Systems The amount of energy produced by Solar can be compared to the amount of oil it would take to produce the same amount of energy.

Acid Rain Emissions Reduction Generating electricity from fossil fuels also releases Sulfur Oxides and Nitrogen Oxides, primary causes of acid rain, into the air. Acid rain damages lakes, streams, trees and forest soils.

Smog Emissions Reduction Nitrogen Oxides are a key contributor to the formation of ground level ozone, a major component of smog. Ozone irritates the eyes and aggravates respiratory problems. It is our most widespread and intractable urban air pollution problem.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Carbon Dioxide, along with other “Greenhouse Gases” cause Global Warming. This results in increased rainfall and violent storms, decreased snow and ice cover and rising sea levels.

Equivalent to Mature Trees Trees remove Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere and many environmentalists advocate tree planting as a way to offset Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. Solar Farms produce no Carbon Dioxide and instead of developing housing on the site, prevents additional Carbon Dioxide from being produced.

Drawback of Other Land Development Types

Alternate land development, such as Housing, offers potential negative impact to the proposed area.

Adds families, further burdening already full to capacity school districts and other Local and State services.

Increases traffic volume in quiet, residential neighborhoods.

Results in the development of new roads, highways and sidewalks, which results in increased water run-off and pollution to nearby detention/retention ponds and streams.

Requires additional water wells to be drilled which will tax existing aquifers.

Adds additional loading to the sewer system which is potentially already at capacity.

Environment Impact Analysis

The CSI Solar Power System will generate significant environmental benefits.

Lower Carbon Footprint This Solar Farm over a period of 25 years will reduce Green House Gas emissions by 186,095 Tons of CO2.

Equivalent CO2 Reductions

  • Driving a Small Car: 630,832,976 Miles
  • Driving a Medium Sized Car: 338,355,868 Miles
  • Driving an SUV: 237,064,621 Miles
  • Flying an Airplane: 383,702,531 Air Miles
  • The amount of CO2 from Trash and Waste of 338,356 Persons
  • Planting 7,443,829 Trees

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