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Positive Changes

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November 30, 2015

Hello CSI neighbors and friends. We hope you and your family enjoyed the wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

I am writing you today to share our status update on the Solar Farm Project. Over the past 24 months there has been many positive changes in the construction and financing of solar energy. The market has experienced advancement in the engineering design and manufacturing of solar panels, racking systems and other associate materials. These changes have helped bring the cost of renewable energy down and spark new development in Chester County Pennsylvania. We are also pleased announce that CSI has two additional projects under development in Chester County with 20-25 MW of renewable energy.

As a brief overview, the CSI has developed a 9.1 MW solar farm project which was approved in 2013. The first phases of this project will be providing 100% “behind the meter power to the Coatesville Area Senior High School located at 1445 Lincoln Hwy E, Coatesville, PA 19320. The site of the Solar Farm is located adjacent to school on forty-eight-acres of land. Project will initially produce approximately 6.5 million kWh a year.


  • CSI has secured a large national renewable energy financing company to partner for the project.
  • A new offering of a 25 year fixed electric rate with no escalation of $.08/kwh FIXED for 25 years.
  • Savings that represents approx. $90,000 annual or $2,375,000 of the life of the project at today Dollars when electric goes up another 10-20% in the future then this could be $5MM savings.
  • CASD only pays for what they use in form of renewable energy.
  • $10-12MM of locally procured construction labor, equipment/material purchase, engineering, etc.


  • New local jobs & job training programs.
  • New STEM training for students, making Coatesville a regional leader again.
  • CASD will be required to provide $00.00 capital dollars, this is an Electric Supply Contract for 100% renewable energy.
  • FITC represents 30% of the initial investment, which is $3,600,000 (.30 x $12,000,000).
  • CSI has in hand Land Acquisition, Engineering, PJM Interconnect Approvals, Permitting & Zoning that has taken 9-12-month process.

CSI would like to thank you for your time and consideration. As always, we welcome your email and calls.

Bob Keares – CSI Managing Partner
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